We photograph all kinds of animals, large or small, and of course you are welcome to be in the portrait with your fur-baby.

Our pets are everything, part of our family, best friends, and our hearts. They are loved, more than often, they are hilarious.

(And they’ll never need braces, spend all their time texting, or ask to borrow your car.)

They’re unique, irreplaceable, and, more than often, the best company, imaginable.

And we love them so very much.

The only not-so-amazing thing is that they’re with us for such a short time.

Which is why it’s vital to celebrate their lives and love while they’re with us before it’s too late.

General Tips

We are able to create portraits of just about any type of animal

Although dogs and cats are the most common type of pet we photograph.

Most of the dogs (and cats) we photograph are untrained and easily distracted.

Because we have years of experience in working with a wide range of animals, we are fully prepared to adapt to your pet’s personality in order to capture their images.

Ensure that your pet is not hungry

We are all happier with full bellies.

Before arriving at the studio, you should make sure that your pet is well-groomed

Because we know that you want your pet to look their best for their photoshoot.

Days before the photo session consider these

Bathing, brushing, clipping the hair and nails, clean the eyes and face.

Choosing a collar is something you might want to consider as well

Since you may have something fancy and decorative you may like to use.

Bring a brush or comb with you

So that every shot can be as perfect as your pet.

Prepare for tears of joy and laughter

As you see your loved one shine like a star in a fun photography session.