<strong>Homecoming Dance/Prom</strong> Homecoming Dance/Prom
  • Customized backgrounds and props
  • All promotional materials, flyers/posters supplied by Shot In Focus
  • Prom booklets available
  • Quick turnaround with our state-of-the-art production facility
<strong>Athletics</strong> Athletics
  • Team group and individual portraits for purchase and yearbook
  • Action Coverage: Fall, Winter and Spring
  • CD of images for yearbook and complimentary prints for coaches

<strong>Special Events</strong> Special Events
  • Customized to your school’s needs!
  • Large Class Group Photography Activity Photos for the yearbook as requested
  • Fall and Spring Plays
  • Band and Chorus Concerts

<strong>On-Line Viewing and Ordering</strong> On-Line Viewing and Ordering
As requested by the school, event photography can be placed on-line for purchasing