How to Coordinate Your Family for a Shoot

How to Coordinate Your Family for a Shoot

If you’ve decided to have your family photo taken, it can be challenging deciding next what you will all wear to look good standing next to one another. These photos typically hang on your wall for years. They cherish a time when all of you were together and represent a time in your life for the entire family.

It can be overwhelming deciding what each family member will wear, but it doesn’t have to be. No matter what your family’s style or personality, these are some great tips for picking the perfect outfits for your family photoshoot.

Choose What Coordinates

It is no longer seen where everyone wears the same colored shirt with matching slacks or bottoms. You do not want everyone going to buy a white or red shirt to go with a pair of jeans. Today it is more about each member wearing something that shows their personality and allowing them to shine in patterns and colors that coordinate with one another. Pick a couple of colors and then choose outfits that will fit into the color scheme.

Coordinate Colors with Home Decor

It might sound odd to consider your home decor when deciding what to wear on a family photoshoot. Your home actually plays a significant role in how your family portrait is going to look hanging on your wall.

Is your home done in neutral colors or bright ones? The portrait is going to hang in your home, and you want to ensure the colors of the outfits will go with the color scheme in the room where it will hang.

Take a walk around your house and think about where the portrait will be hung. Decide if there are color choices for your family to wear that will accent the colors in the room. You will be happy with the time you take to consider this factor once the photo is in place, and your room is all tied together in one color scheme.

Consider Accessories to Include in the Family Photo Shoot

Accessories can add a lot to your family’s outfits and can be a fun addition to the photo. Examples are having the men wear a tie and the women hold on to them, or necklaces are great for kids to hold on to, or have them wear hats on their head or hold in their hands.

One factor to remember when planning your family shoot is that the photo is not supposed to be perfect. You don’t always have to go with the everyone standing perfectly inline look, it can capture who your family is at the time of the shoot. If you’ve chosen a seasonal photo, such as one in the fall of the year, everyone can hold a fun, colorful scarf or hat to add life to the photo.

Limit the Number of Patterns Worn for a Family Shoot

There is probably one member of your family who stands out in their color and pattern selections in their wardrobe. Allow this person’s personality to shine in the shoot, but don’t have too many different patterns worn as it can distract from the final image. This person may be the one to set the colors to follow with the rest of the family. If you don’t have this type of individual in your family, you can choose a pattern or color for the rest to follow.

Where to Schedule a Family Photo Shoot

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