How to Prepare Your Newborn For a Shoot

How to Prepare Your Newborn For a Shoot

From the time you see your baby for the first time, love and pride explode. You want to take in every tiny detail about them from their tiny wrinkled hands and fingers to their adorable teeny feet. You are filled with incredible joy and want to imprint this image forever.

You also want to remember the feel of their tiny hand as it encircles your finger, and how they look when swaddled in blankets sleeping. There are so many special moments you will experience with your newborn, you should hire a professional photographer to help capture these images so there is always a way to look back and relive these unique times.

Photographing newborns captures your child before they begin to change. The changes in infants occur fast and before you know it, facial features will look different, feet and hands will begin to stretch and grow, and even their hair will grow considerably. Capturing your newborn on camera will provide you a way to relive those feelings of your first days together.

Not every newborn is calm during a photo session, so photographing your young child might be a challenging task. Having a professional photographer with experience behind the camera will make all the difference in the memories you capture of your newborn. Following these tips on how to prepare your newborn for their shoot will make the session go even smoother.

When to Schedule a Newborn Session

If you are looking for memories of how cute your child looked while asleep, scheduling a photoshoot of your newborn should be done within the first fourteen days of their birth. Typically around the 8th day after being born, a baby will begin to stretch out, so sleeping poses are more difficult to capture.

Some parents prefer their child awake and interacting. If this is how you want your newborn photos, you should schedule your shoot around the four-week mark after their birth.

Keep Your Baby Awake Before the Shoot

If you are looking for that cuddly, sleepy baby pose, you will want to attempt to keep your baby awake before the shoot. If they are tired there is a better chance of capturing those adorable sleeping poses. Your child’s photos will then come out looking peaceful and not red-faced from crying.

Have Your Baby in a Fresh Diaper

About a half-hour prior to the shoot, change your child’s diaper so it is clean and semi-loose. A lot of newborn shoots include naked and tender baby pictures, so having them undressed will save time. Having them undressed will also allow your baby to continue sleeping without disruption.

Use Props to Make Your Newborn Smile

There are numerous baby props on the market you can use in your photoshoot. You can also choose a favorite one received from a grandparent or other special person in your baby’s life. Sometimes these props will help you get a smile from your baby if you are looking to capture memories of your newborn while they are awake.

Happy photographs of a newborn are priceless and give off more warmth than a sleeping pose. But, no matter which is your favorite memory to keep of your newborn, the professional photo you have will be worth framing for years.

Prepare For Your Newborn’s Photo Shoot

Having a newborn photo of your child is one that will be treasured by you and by your child as they grow through the years. Some parents-to-be even schedule a shoot before the birth to ensure the photos are taken within days of the birth to capture the youngest age.

You may want to think about including yourself and your spouse in the photos, some even include older siblings. So as you wait for the birth of your baby, or if you have recently given birth, consider scheduling a professional photoshoot with Shot in Focus to capture all those precious memories on camera.

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